The Soundtrack of my Mind

TW: #Depression

First off, I am fine. Really. I’m not inordinately sad or depressed. I’m showered with unconditional love by my beautiful wife, Kelley. I’m woken up with Aussie kisses from our love child, Luna.

But I remember when I was. I still feel the echoes of it’s cold, hard sadness. I remember being perpetually ungrounded. I recall finding self-care no more interesting than eating or sleeping. I didn’t even know I had a self-image. I just knew me, and she, I found wanting.

When I hear the Mind today winding up this soundtrack, I sit up straight and take notice. There’s a canary in the mine. It needs out asap. I need to pay attention.

Here are some of the lyrics from the soundtrack that my mind used to try its best to end me, because it couldn’t handle the trauma. Good thing I’m not my mind.

Pay attention. Get help if you hear these, too. Don’t wait. The Crisis Hotline is fast and staffed always. Text SUPPORT to 741-741. Be well.